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The Department of Chemistry offers American Chemical Society (ACS) certified and non-ACS certified B.S. degrees, both of which require a rigorous program in each of the five subdivisions of chemistry as well as physics and math.  The curriculum is designed to prepare students to enter the chemical profession, pursue graduate work in chemistry, prepare for advanced study in medicine or in life science, as well as a career in chemical education (CHMT).  Students entering TCNJ as chemistry majors are initially enrolled in the ACS certified B.S. program but may transfer to the non-ACS program after faculty advisement and department approval based upon student interests. The Department also offers a specialization in Condensed Matter.

Consistent with the goals of TCNJ, the chemistry faculty has substantial contact with each student. Faculty advisors meet regularly with students to assist in defining educational paths that will best allow the pursuit of career goals. Assistance is also provided through a comprehensive seminar program spanning 3 of the standard four year curriculum that incorporates discussions of the roles and responsibilities of chemists in today’s society and introduces students to “the tools of the trade.”

The Department strongly encourages students to engage in independent research during the academic year through independent study courses (CHE 493) and also during the summer through the Mentored Undergraduate Summer Experiences Program (MUSE). Students have the opportunity to participate in research programs with faculty members in each sub-discipline of chemistry in well-equipped research laboratories.  Some projects have multidisciplinary aspects and involve collaborations both within and outside of the department. Students have hands-on access to an array of modern instrumentation.

For a complete description of the Chemistry program, please consult the TCNJ Undergraduate Bulletin.

TCNJ Undergraduate Bulletins
After clicking on the link above, select “Science” and then “Chemistry”.

The Chemistry Major

Chemistry majors must complete a minimum of 21 chemistry courses in all subdivisions of chemistry. To afford students the flexibility to study abroad, complete a CHMT degree as well as complete a second major, the department offers a number of tracks to better suit each student’s unique case. In consultation with the academic advisor and with the approval of the Department, students can choose one of four possible degree paths within the chemistry major. The requirements for each of the following tracks can be found in the TCNJ Undergraduate Bulletin.

  • ACS-certified B.S. chemistry degree (3 chemistry options total)
  • ACS-certified B.S. chemistry degree with research (5 chemistry options total)
  • Non-ACS certified B.S. chemistry degree (3 Chemistry options total)

Chemistry Minor

Requirements for the minor in chemistry are described in the TCNJ Undergraduate Bulletin.  Students should contact the Chemistry Department ( to schedule a meeting to discuss eligibility and minor requirements.


Dual Degree

Special Programs

Program Entrance, Retention, and Exit Standards

Every major program at the College has set standards for allowing students to remain in that program, to transfer within the College from one program to another, and to graduate from a program. These are described in the TCNJ Undergraduate Bulletin.

TCNJ Undergraduate Bulletins
After clicking on the link above, select “Science” and then “Chemistry”.