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The TCNJ Department of Chemistry promotes a culture of intellectual engagement centered on the physical sciences. This culture is shared by a community of undergraduate students, faculty and staff. The faculty members are teacher–‐scholars who are dedicated to excellence in teaching and are deeply engaged in the production and dissemination of new knowledge. Using modern pedagogy in the classroom and collaborations between students and faculty in research, it is the goal of the faculty to instill in all students a sense of scientific inquiry that employs systematic, experimental and computational approaches to making and analyzing materials relevant to society and the natural world. The current community of faculty and students studies chemistry related to analytical, biochemical, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry. They conduct research in materials science, organic synthesis, biophysics, bioorganic chemistry, and separations science.


The Department of Chemistry at The College of New Jersey strives to create and maintain an environment for both students and faculty to advance their understanding of chemistry by:

  1. providing a dynamic and rigorous curriculum as outlined by the American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training that serves not only Chemistry majors and majors in related disciplines, but reaches out to all students interested in a well-rounded liberal arts education through the acknowledgement of the different goals of a diverse student population,
  2. offering interrelated courses in a variety of sub-disciplines that promote flexibility in degree planning and access to a wide variety of learning opportunities,
  3. participating in the process of scientific discovery by encouraging students to engage in scholarly endeavors with the faculty through independent research,
  4. cultivating and maintaining an environment conducive for the faculty to develop and grow as teacher-scholars, and
  5. seeking out and establishing connections among broader scientific and educational communities as both recipients and disseminators of scientific knowledge. As the result of these activities, The Department of Chemistry at TCNJ strives to be known as one of the top undergraduate programs both in the United States and internationally by integrating teaching and research.

The mission of the Department of Chemistry is consistent with that of the College as a whole and of the School of Science. Chemistry faculty members strive to challenge students and to foster critical thinking. Upon graduation a student in Chemistry should be able to

  1. think logically, critically, and creatively,
  2. communicate ideas clearly and effectively both in speaking and writing,
  3. evaluate influences that help to shape individuals, institutions, and societies,
  4. understand the values, achievements, and aesthetic contributions of the discipline, and
  5. perceive, investigate, and solve problems by enlisting the most appropriate historical, comparative, quantitative, and qualitative research methods available.

Strategic Plan

TCNJ Chemistry Department Strategic Map
TCNJ Chemistry Department Strategic Plan
TCNJ School of Science Strategic Map

Implementation Plan

2013-2014 TCNJ Chemistry Outcomes
2014-2015 TCNJ Chemistry Implementation Plan
2015-2016 TCNJ Chemistry Outcomes