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Materials Science Specialization

The Materials Science Specialization is an interdisciplinary program open to chemistry and physics majors in the School of Science, who have a strong interest in creating new organic, biological, or inorganic materials and/or exploring the properties and applications of these materials. Students should have a background in chemistry and physics and be comfortable with mathematics. Chemistry students are free to pursue research projects in either the Chemistry Department or Physics Department. Chemistry majors who successfully complete this program will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a specialization in Materials Science. Students will be prepared to pursue a wide variety of careers or graduate study in chemistry, biophysics, or materials science.

To complete the Materials Science Specialization, students must take the standard Chemistry Core courses (CHE 371/Quantum Chemistry and CHE 372/Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics must both be taken when this specialization is applied to the BS in Chemistry degree); the required Chemistry Correlate Courses; PHY 306/Mathematical Physics or MAT 229 Multivariable Calculus; and PHY 311/Analog and Digital Electronics or PHY 451/Advanced Lab or CHE 410/Instrumental Analysis. Students are also required to take either two CHE 478/Special Topics in Materials Science courses (including those that may be cross-listed from other CHE 47X) or one CHE 478 (or cross-listed CHE 47X) and PHY 345/Physics of Clouds and Climate or PHY 436/Condensed Matter or PHY 478/Photonics, Optics, and Materials. Students must complete at least one PHY course greater than 200-level.

Students may apply for the specialization at any time but are encouraged to do so in their sophomore year to facilitate planning and timely completion. To enroll in the program, students should use the Change of Major Form.

Participating faculty members include: Chemistry – Heba Abourahma, Joseph Baker, Michelle Bunagan, Benny Chan, Rebecca Hunter; Physics – David McGee, Nathan Magee, Romulo Ochoa