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AP Credit

High school students earning a minimum score of 4 on the AP Chemistry exam may qualify to receive full credit for CHE 201 General Chemistry I. An AP score of 5 can provide credit for both CHE 201 and 202/General Chemistry I and II. While students with a chemistry AP score of 5 may receive credit for CHE 201 and CHE 202, the department usually recommends that they take CHE 202 before enrolling in higher-level chemistry courses. We find that students benefit in their transition to college by enrolling in CHE 201 and CHE 202 because these courses provide essential laboratory experience and the development of metacognition and college-level study skills.

Students with a significant high school laboratory background, a chemistry AP score of 5, and AP credit in physics or mathematics, may consider enrolling directly in courses such as CHE 310/Analytical Chemistry or CHE 331/Organic Chemistry I. Students may also choose to fulfill the College Core or language course requirements during their first year, in lieu of taking chemistry courses. Decisions about course enrollment should be made in consultation with the student’s academic advisor and/or the department chair.

A 4 or 5 on the AP Chemistry exam fulfills the Liberal Learning science requirement. Advanced placement (AP) credit is awarded through the Office of Records and Registration. Please have your test scores sent from ETS directly to the Office of Records and Registration.