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Teacher Prep (CHMT)

Chemistry Teacher Preparation (CHMT)

Candidates for a teacher-education certificate must have a 2.75 cumulative grade point average to successfully complete their teacher education program. They also must meet the state hygiene/physiology requirement, and pass the appropriate Praxis examination before the New Jersey State Department of Education will issue the appropriate certificate. Teacher-education candidates will receive a “certificate of eligibility with advanced standing” which allows a candidate to be provisionally certified for his or her first year of teaching. After one year of successful teaching, the candidate is eligible for a permanent certificate.

Elementary Education M/S/T (ELST) and Early Childhood Education M/S/T (ECST) with a Chemistry Specialization

This interdisciplinary major integrates formal study in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and technology. Students electing a chemistry specialization will complete 42 credits of “core” requirements including Calculus (MAT or MATH 127–128), Principles of Biology (BIOL 181–182), General Chemistry (CHEM 201–202), College Physics (PHYS 191–192), Introduction to Human Technological Behavior (TSNG 171), Principles of Structures and Mechanisms (TSNG 211), and an M/S/T-approved elective. The chemistry specialization consists of a minimum of 21 credits including the core chemistry courses, (CHEM 321–322 Organic I, II), and two chemistry elective courses (five-credit minimum) at the 300 level or higher.