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Biochemistry Specialization

This specialization is meant for students who are interested in molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, bioanalytical, bioorganic, and/or bioinorganic chemistry. Students pursuing this specialization see the interconnectedness of these disciplines, will gain insight into the interdisciplinary nature of chemistry, biology and physics and wish to pursue interdisciplinary postgraduate goals (i.e. in industry, medical, or graduate programs). Students will graduate with a B.S. in Chemistry with a specialization in Biochemistry. The BS may be American Chemical Society (ACS) certified or non-ACS and can be with or without a research intensive focus. To complete the Biochemistry Specialization, students must take the standard chemistry core courses, with the option to take either CHE 371 (Quantum Chemistry) or CHE 372 (Chemical Thermodynamics, strongly recommended). In addition, required Correlate Courses include the standard Math and Physics courses for a B.S. in Chemistry, as well as BIO 201 (Foundations in Biological Inquiry) and BIO 211 (Eukaryotic Cell).  

Students are also required to take either:

  1. two CHE 474 Advanced Topics in Biochemistry courses (including those that may be cross-listed from other CHE 47X) or
  2. one CHE 474 (or cross-listed CHE 47X) and BIO 471 (Genomics and Bioinformatics) or 
  3. one CHE 474 (or cross-listed CHE 47X) and one BIO 470 Special Topics class from an approved list.

Depending on their degree track, Chemistry majors pursuing the Biochemistry Specialization would have the following options course requirements:

ACS w/Research: One options course at the 300 or 400 level and two units of CHE 493 Independent Research or three full units of CHE 493 Independent Research. ACS: One options course with a lab at the 300 or 400 level. Non-ACS: No options courses are required.    

Students may apply for the specialization at any time but are encouraged to do so earlier, such as in their sophomore year, to aid in planning for timely completion.  To enroll in the program, students should formally apply for “Biochemistry” as their specialization using the Change of Major Form.