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Biochemistry Specialization

The Biochemistry specialization brings together the fields of molecular biology, genetics, general, organic and physical chemistry, and meets the interests and needs of a growing population of TCNJ chemistry students with interdisciplinary interests. Students pursuing the specialization see the interconnectedness of these disciplines and wish to pursue post graduate goals that tie together biological aspects of chemistry through medical, graduate or industrial positions. Students will graduate with a BS in Chemistry or ACS BS in Chemistry with a specialization in Biochemistry. To complete the Biochemistry Specialization, students must take the standard Chemistry Core courses, the required Correlate Courses, and both BIO 201/Foundations of Biological Inquiry and BIO 211/Cell Biology and Biochemistry. Students are also required to take either two CHE 474/Advanced Topics in Biochemistry courses (including those that may be cross-listed from other CHE 47X) or one CHE 474 (or cross-listed CHE 47X) and BIO 471/Genomics and Bioinformatics or BIO 470/Special Topics class from an approved list. Students may apply for a specialization at any time but are encouraged to do so in their sophomore year to facilitate planning and timely completion.

To enroll in a specialization program, students should first consult their academic advisor and then formally apply for their chosen specialization using the Undergraduate Change of Major Form.