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Chemistry Minor

The chemistry major has five course units.


CHE Courses (5 course units)

A minor in chemistry comprises five full CHE courses (at least three of the five courses must be taken at TCNJ), including CHE 202 and four other CHE courses numbered 310 or higher, but not including CHE 316, 317, 399, or 490. Only one-course unit of CHE 393 can count toward the minor course requirements.

The minimum grades in CHE 201, CHE 202, CHE 331, and CHE 310, as well as the minimum GPA for retention and completion of the minor, are the same as for the major.

Declare a Chemistry Minor

Applicants interested in obtaining a minor in chemistry should consult with the department chair at before completing the TCNJ Application for Minor form and provide a copy of their unofficial transcript, which should include at least three completed TCNJ Chemistry courses. The Application for Minor form should be submitted to the Chemistry main office, C-108.