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CHE 493 Independent Research

Below is the process to follow in order to be registered for Independent Research (CHE 493). The process described is completely electronic and should be completed before November 30th (Spring enrollment) or April 30th (Fall enrollment).

  1. The research mentor and independent research student discuss the parameters of their independent research including the number of units the independent research student will enroll in.
  2. The research mentor provides all their research students with the same Independent Study Topic for the form. This ensures that all research students with the same research mentor will be placed in the same section of CHE 493. For example, Dr. Hirsh’s research students will use the Independent Study Topic “Transfection of a marine alga”. Note that the Independent Study Topic must be 30 characters or fewer in length.
  3. The independent research student downloads the Independent Study or Independent Research Enrollment Form form found here.
  4. The independent research student opens the form in Adobe Reader. The student completes the form and saves it on their computer with the following filename:  ResearchMentorLastName_StudentLastNameFor example, Hirsh_Smith

    No signature is required. No attachment is required.
  5. The independent research student emails the form to the research advisor.