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Wait Lists

Refer to Registration FAQs before using a wait list.  It includes information on:

  • Repeating a course
  • Enrolling in a course through PAWS


The wait lists will be opened when no more seats are available in a Chemistry course.  We suggest that you change your schedule around to get an open seat.  If you try to register for a course, find no seats are available, AND the wait list is not , please contact us at

Fall and Spring

Do not use these lists to SWAP sections.  Waitlists will not open until ALL seats are occupied.  Please change your schedule to accommodate open seats.

  • General Chemistry I  
    This link is for CHE 201 only. Seats are limited in these courses right now until we finish first year registration during the summer.  Once all open seats are gone, we will open the wait lists and plan to address in the middle of July.  In the last three years, we have been able to accommodate all students; please be patient and trust the process. 4/8/2023, waitlist is now open.  CHE201 and 202 are being offered in the summer as a hybrid course with one day/week of lab. Please consider enrolling in the summer, we will open another section of CHE202 in the summer if the demand is high enough.
  • General Chemistry II
    This link is for CHE 202 only. 
  • Organic I Chemistry
    This link is for CHE 331 only. 4/18/2023, We were able to satisfy all waitlist requests.  All remaining seats are being saved for potential transfer students.  We will look at the waitlist again in the beginning of August.  Do not use the waitlist to switch sections.  We anticipate seats will open up before the start of the fall semester for students to switch themselves to a preferred section.  Please consider taking a summer course in CHE331 as an in person course.
  • Organic II Chemistry
    This link is for CHE 332 only. Summer course in CHE332 is being offered as an in person course.
  • Analytical Chemistry
    This link is for CHE 310 only.
  • Upper Level Chemistry
    All chemistry majors have been preregistered for their upper level courses, please contact Dr. Chan for additional help.  


  • Summer Wait List
    For current TCNJ students, and visiting students with a PAWS ID. 4/4/2023 Please use the waitlist.  If we get enough people on the waitlist, we will open additional sections of courses.