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Dual Degree: Chemistry and Pharmacy

The Jefferson College of Pharmacy of Thomas Jefferson University and TCNJ have a formal articulation agreement allowing first-year applicants to be accepted to both the pharmacy school and TCNJ and to earn both the baccalaureate in Chemistry from TCNJ and the PharmD degree from Jefferson.

Program Details

  • Students spend four years at TCNJ and four years at Thomas Jefferson University’s Jefferson College of Pharmacy.
  • Students must take all prerequisite courses at TCNJ, with the exception of non-science courses through AP, IB, or dual credit at another college.
  • Students must have a reasonable plan for completion of all required prerequisite courses with at least a C in each course prior to August 1 of the year of matriculation at Jefferson College of Pharmacy. Cumulative and science GPAs > 2.7.

Application Process

  • The application deadline is April 1.
  • Students will have a supplemental application placed on their application portal.
  • Students will need to interview at Jefferson College of Pharmacy following receipt of completed PharmCAS application.

Contact us for more information about this program.