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Dr. Christopher Fazen

Teacher-Scholar Fellow


B.S. Lafayette College
Ph.D. Syracuse University
Postdoctoral Princeton University

Research keywords:

biochemistry; antimicrobials

Research interests:

Dr. Fazen’s research interests focus on studying the interaction between antimicrobial peptides and bacterial persister cells. His research utilizes techniques in biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, and synthetic chemistry to combat the ever growing global public health problem of antibiotic resistance, specifically in the area of bacterial persistence. Ultimately, Dr. Fazen and his students aim to explore and characterize the effectiveness and mode(s) of action of antimicrobial peptides against bacterial persisters with the intent of developing new therapeutics for the treatment of bacterial infections.

Teaching interests:

Dr. Fazen teaches general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry at TCNJ. Outside of TCNJ, he has taught laboratory courses in biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, and instrumental analysis. He also mentors undergraduate students conducting independent research.

Contact Information
Science Complex Room C200A