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Dr. Joseph Baker

Associate Professor


B.S. University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Ph.D. University of Arizona
Postdoctoral The Center for Multiscale Theory and Simulation (CMTS) at The University of Chicago

Research keywords:

molecular dynamics simulation; computational biochemistry; bacterial infection; ionic liquids; deep eutectic solvents

Research interests:

Dr. Baker’s research interests center around building computer models of biomolecular complexes and studying their structure and dynamics using large-scale computer simulations run on high-performance CPU and GPU computing resources. In particular, his current research interests involve (1) modeling and simulating bacterial that participate in host-cell binding during infection in order to better understand how to design more effective treatments against disease, and (2) studying the interactions of ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents with proteins and lipid bilayers to understand how they influence protein structure, membrane permeability, and bacterial biofilm disruption. Dr. Baker has also recently worked on understanding the COVID-19 spike protein interactions with the ACE2 receptor. He regularly collaborates with other scientists both nationally and internationally on these projects.

Teaching interests:

Dr. Baker’s teaching interests are in the areas of computational chemistry and physical/quantum chemistry. He is also especially interested in teaching at the interface of the disciplines of physics, chemistry, and biology (for example, soft condensed matter and biophysical chemistry). Dr. Baker is working with other faculty in the Chemistry Department to develop a set of computational chemistry modules that will introduce students to computational chemistry methods throughout the TCNJ Chemistry curriculum.

For more information, please visit Dr. Baker’s research lab website

Contact Information
Science Complex Room C212
Baker Research Lab