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Dr. Heba Abourahma

Associate Professor


B.Sc., Saint Mary’s University
M.Sc., University of Ottawa
Ph.D., University of South Florida
Postdoctoral Studies, University of Iowa

Research Interests

Dr. Abourahma’s interests are in the area of crystal engineering, which deals with designing and synthesizing functional solids using non-covalent interactions.  The premise of crystal engineering is that the physical properties of a material can be altered by altering the solid state since physical properties are critically dependent on the chemical composition as well as the arrangement of the molecules in the solid state.  Dr. Abourahma’s research more specifically centers around studying pharmaceutical cocrystals, compounds that consist of two or more components at least one of which is an active pharmaceutical ingredient and are held together by hydrogen bonding interactions.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Abourahma teaches primarily sophomore organic chemistry, and occasionally teaches general chemistry, junior seminar and a special topic course on Crystal Engineering.

For more information, please visit Dr. Abourahma’s personal website:

Contact Information
Science Complex Room C202
Personal Website