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Student Handbook

The Department of Chemistry Student Handbook


The Chemistry Department hopes that students majoring in Chemistry will find this handbook useful. Its purpose is to provide a single source of information on the opportunities and resources available at TCNJ and to outline the requirements of the major and related activities.

Because there is more to a major than just taking courses, we encourage students to become actively involved in departmental activities and time permitting, in independent research. Chemistry faculty members have diverse backgrounds and research interests, which are summarized in the handbook.


Page #
Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Departmental Staff 5
The Department 8
Departmental Facilities

  • Spectroscopy
  • Chromatography (Separations)
  • Chromatography/Spectroscopy
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Electrochemistry
  • Microscopes
  • Sample Handling
  • Miscellaneous
Program Prerequisites and Placement

  • Recommended High School Preparation
  • AP Scores
Overview of the Chemistry Curriculum

  • Bachelor of Science Degree Options
    • ACS-certified BS Chemistry Degree
    • ACS-certified BS Chemistry Degree, with Research
    • BS Chemistry Degree
  • Specializations
    • Chemistry and Physics of Condensed Matter Specialization (CPCM)
    • Chemistry Secondary Education Degree (CHMT)
    • Biochemistry Self-Designed Major
    • Pre-Health Profession Option
    • Seven-year BS Chemistry/MD Program
Transferring into the Major 23
Departmental Events and Seminars 24
Program Entrance, Retention, Exit Standards, Grade Policy, Course Selection Policy, and Repeat Policy 24
Student Advising

  • Guidelines for Effective Advisement – Making the Most Out of the Advisement Process For Students
  • Required Registration-related Advising Sessions
Study Abroad 28

  • Joining a Research Group
  • Disseminating Research Results
  • Summer Research Programs
Preparation for Life After TCNJ

  • Applying to Graduate School
    • Selecting a School
    • Preparation for Graduate Study in Biochemistry, Medicine, Dentistry
    • Letters of Recommendation
Laboratory Safety & Etiquette 35
4-Year Planners 37