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APR 4: Jeff Tamburrino – Chemistry Lecture Series

Creating Chemistry for a Sustainable Future

Jeff Tamburrino
BASF Corporation
TCNJ ’88 Chemistry Alum

Date:   Wednesday, April 4th
Time:   11:00 AM
Room:  Chemistry C121


The Chemical Industry is ever evolving.  The products we consume today are vastly different from the products consumed just 15 or 20 years ago.  Current megatrends suggest that people are moving closer to cities, less resources will be available to feed more people and water scarcity will be increasing. 

New feedstocks and sustainability concerns are driving Chemists and Engineers to develop new ways to meet the needs of Society according to these megatrends.  Chemists are developing materials that are lighter, stronger, more colorful, healthier, sustainable and from new, efficient manufacturing plants.  Examples of how Chemistry and sustainability can coexist at BASF Corporation, the largest Chemical company in the world will be explored.

A perspective from a Chemical Industry professional will also be discussed including the importance of Value Chains and how different paths exist for a career as an industrial focused Chemist